Sustainability in Business. Interview with Michael Shvartsman, CEO of Rocket One Capital

Zelda Larsson: Today I would like to discuss the importance of sustainability in business with Michael Shvartsman, CEO of Rocket One Capital and an opinion leader at the venture capital market. As an experienced business owner, Michael, could you share your insights on why sustainability has become increasingly important in the corporate world?

Michael Shvartsman: Absolutely. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of responsible business practices. Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before, and they expect businesses to align with their values. Moreover, sustainability initiatives not only benefit the planet but also drive operational efficiencies, cost savings, and long-term resilience for businesses.

Zelda Larsson: That’s a compelling perspective. Can you elaborate on some practical steps businesses can take to integrate sustainability into their operations?

Michael Shvartsman: Certainly. One of the first steps is conducting a thorough assessment of your company’s environmental impact. From there, businesses can implement energy-saving measures, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources and adopting energy-efficient technologies. Additionally, promoting waste reduction, recycling programs, and sustainable procurement practices are effective ways to minimize environmental footprint.

Zelda Larsson: Those are valuable strategies. How can businesses foster a culture of sustainability among their employees?

Michael Shvartsman: Cultivating a sustainability-focused culture requires clear communication, education, and engagement. Businesses can organize training sessions, workshops, and informational campaigns to raise awareness about sustainability issues and empower employees to adopt eco-friendly practices. Recognizing and rewarding sustainability efforts can also incentivize employees to actively contribute to the company’s environmental goals.

Zelda Larsson: Lastly, what role do you believe businesses play in advocating for environmental causes beyond their own operations?

Michael Shvartsman: Businesses have a unique opportunity and responsibility to influence positive change beyond their immediate sphere of influence. By leveraging their resources, networks, and platforms, businesses can support environmental organizations, advocate for sustainable policies, and participate in community initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. By demonstrating corporate leadership in sustainability, businesses can inspire others to follow suit and contribute to collective efforts towards a greener future.

Zelda Larsson: Thank you, Michael, for sharing your insights. It’s clear that businesses like Rocket One Capital have a crucial role to play in driving positive environmental impact.

Michael Shvartsman: Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this important topic. I hope our conversation inspires more businesses to prioritize sustainability and work towards a more sustainable future.

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